For most of us memories are fleeting, but thankfully we have ways to record memories to ensure that they remain for years to come. It may be true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but putting words and photos together in an album can capture events in our lives and offer an enjoyable stroll down memory lane.


It takes two offers an amazing line of scrapbooking products that aim to help you design and create a unique and memorable scrapbook. Although albums are great, the adventure of making them may be the best part. Whether you enjoy time along, or lively scrapbook parties, it takes two provides everything you need to create the perfect scrapbook.


Sharing memories and telling stories is a great way to enjoy someone’s company. Our products are designed to offer you years of enjoyment as you page through your scrapbook with family and friends. Laugh, smile, or cry your way through your creation and let it takes two help you relive your greatest memories.