Farmer Scrapbook Stickers-VERSE174


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Where would we be without farmers? This God Bless the Farmer poem is the perfect sticker to remember the blessings of farmers. Use this wonderful scrapbook sticker to help make your farm memories not be a memory of the past. Buy today from it takes two.

Front: God Bless the Farmer
who has seen the beauty of a thousand sunrises
and still finds awe in the colors of dawn.

Whose hands are strong enough to heave a bale and clear a field yet gentle enough to cradle the miracle of a newborn life.

God bless the farmer who has faith the rain will fall and the sun will shine- who respects the land and knows the privilege of nurturing life and watching it grow.

God bless the farmer who gladly carries the load and humbly values the job of work that's never really done. Who holds a family together with unwavering love- leading by example and teaching with experience.

Whose heart understands what it takes to be a neighbor and a friend- who sees a need and fills it just as naturally as taking a breath.

God bless all farmers and through their hands and hearts, hopes and dreams, may future generations of farmers continue to bless America and feed the world.

Product Details: One 5x7 clear background verse sticker. Acid free and lignin free.

• Verse by Kimberly Rinehart

• Proudly made in the U.S.A.