Healing Verse Scrapbook Stickers



Cut, Peel, and Stick for Perfect Text

These beautiful healing verses add a touch of eloquence to any scrapbook. Choose your favorite snippets, place them on your scrapbook pages, and watch them bring depth and emotion to your book!

Don't worry about smeared ink or misspelled words and use these stickers for perfect text. Get started today with healing scrapbook stickers from it takes two. Order yours today!

Front Text:

  • The gift of healing is an ever-changing journey. The path is sometimes smooth, the road is sometimes rough.
  • But always, the journey is a beautiful tapestry woven of yesterday's memories and tomorrow's dreams.
  • The gift of healing is an ever-changing journey with threads of faith and courage intertwined among the gentle colors of hope.
  • And though the road is sometimes long, and our hearts sometimes grow weary,
    there is joy in the knowledge that we are walking ever closer to the healing gift of peace.

Product Details:

  • One 5 x 7 clear-background acid-free and lignin-free sticker sheet
  • Verse by Kimberly Rinehart
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.