Cure for Cancer Scrapbook Stickers



Acid-Free and Lignin-Free Stickers for Perfect Text

Celebrate friends, family, and life with a great cause and walk for the cure! These scrapbooking stickers are inspiring and draw attention with a supportive tone.

Adding text with Poems for a Page is easy! No more brainstorming and writing. Simply cut, peel, and stick for beautiful text. Add feeling to your scrapbook with find a cure stickers for scrapbooking. Order yours today!


"I Believe in a Cure
I walk because someone dear to me has been touched by cancer.
I walk because I care.
I walk to honor those who no longer can.
I run because it's one small thing I can do to make a difference. I can give someone the courage to go on.
I run because I love someone who is my inspiration - a living example of faith and strength.
I walk because I miss that someone dearly who would surely walk for me.
I believe in a cure that will one day let millions continue to walk and run and live and love.
I walk because I believe in surviving -
I believe in a cure."

Product Details:

  • One 5 x 7 clear-background acid-free and lignin-free sticker sheet
  • Verse by Kimberly Rinehart
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.